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Teeth Whitening Cumberland, BC

We are proud to offer North America's top-selling teeth whitening solution, Sunna smile! Designed with Sensitivity in mind our solution will not cause pain or damage to your enamel. Clients average 2-8 shades whiter in a single session.

Teeth Whitening

$159 CAD

Teeth Touch Up

$89 CAD

Tan + Teeth

$198 CAD


What to expect for during your session.

Have a snack prior
We recommend drinking only water for the hour following your appointment, and avoiding any staining foods or habits for 24 hours. So have a snack before your appointment.

Mouth Care
Remove any piercings within your mouth and be sure you have no sores or cuts within your mouth as this may cause discomfort.

Clean Teeth
To achieve best results, we recommend having a dental cleaning within 6 months prior to your session. If possible, brush your teeth directly prior to your appointment. Be sure to be gentle on your gums. And if you can’t, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

60 minute appointment
In our Sunna Smile Super Gel session, we will do TWO back to back whitening sessions. So Your appointment will be approximately 60 minutes to allow time for proper prep and aftercare of your smile, while allowing sufficient time to answer any questions you may have.

Consult + Prep
Every session will begin with a shade guide comparison in order to indicate the starting shade of your teeth. We will guide you through the preparation of your teeth for the session, including a brush-up with SunnaSmile’s signature Smile Prep, a multi-action cleaning paste that removes plaque and reduces tartar build up while gently polishing your teeth.Next, we will walk you through what to expect during the whitening process – once you have the whitening tray in your mouth it is very difficult to ask questions. (We won't be like the dentist and try to carry on a conversation while the tray is in your mouth! lol)

During the Whitening
After clarifying any questions you may have and the whitening tray is in place you will be given some protection sunglasses to wear. These are purely for eye comfort, as the combination red and blue light technology that is used to activate the whitening gel is very bright. Now comes the easy part – sit back and relax. You will relax behind the light for 20 minutes (some clients prefer to start with only 15 minutes during their first session). Your SunnaSmile specialist will check in to ensure you are comfortable. We will do this process TWICE during your session for maximum results. It is normal to experience a slight tingling sensation as the solution reacts, but you should not experience sharp pain during the treatment. If you do, your session will be stopped immediately.

Completing the session
Upon the completion of your session, we will guide you through the disposal of your whitening tray (in all of its glamour) including a sip, swish, spit routine to help you get rid of all of the whitening gel. We will complete your treatment by following up with the shade guide comparison in order to determine your whitening progress. Average results per session is 2-4 shades. For those looking to maximize results, we recommend purchasing our SunnaSmile Home Kit for maintenance and at home whitening.


Food + Drink
For the first 24 hours after your in-studio session, avoid food or drinks that have dark or staining properties (such as berries, tomato sauces, beets, carrots, red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks – you get the idea)

Gum Tissue
Post-treatment ‘tingling’ sensations, white gum lines, white spots on the teeth and minor sensitivity are all completely normal. The whiteness along the gum line is actually an indication of the peroxide healing the tissue. This colouring should disappear within 15 minutes. If sensitivity persists, use a toothpaste developed for sensitivity.

Follow Up
In order to maintain your whitening results, we recommend following up with additional sessions every 2-6 months. However, if you would like to continue to whiten we recommend booking follow up appointments closer together. You can also purchase our SunnaSmile Home Kit or Whitening and Aftercare Gel to continue to whiten or maintain your results at home.


The most common questions we get from our clients

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