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Meet Amanda

Growing up, I wanted to be a talk show host and actress!

I remember as a kid, I'd spend my time performing and pretending and I was certain that was my ultimate goal of life. But, I was wrong.⠀

I never dreamed of becoming a Spray Tan Artist, but I ended up burnt out in my Corporate Sales job and needing to find a profession that would allow me to express my creativity and bring that spark back! I found a deep passion for Clean beauty and Spray tanning so decided to pour my entire heart into building what would be Hello Glow Colour Bar. THIS is exactly what I was meant to do. I am obsessed with helping women feel like a goddess in their own skin and providing a LUXURY experience. 👑💖

Now, I can say that I am filled with purpose and live with so much love and passion. This is one of the reasons why Hello Glow has evolved into the business it has today and I have you to thank!



As a child, I was the the 'Too Much' Girl. Too loud, too crazy, too intense, too busy, too much to handle...the list goes on. (And I was the middle child, so I suppose that didnt help much either! lol.) As I grew up, I had such big dreams! I wanted to be an actress, a talk show host, a dancer...(even though I only lasted one season of jazz with my two left feet, I still believed! lol) ANYTHING that would put me front and center made me feel ALIVE! And that's all I wanted...to make people LAUGH and feel as ALIVE as I did!

And then life happened.

I grew up and found myself caught up in a whirlwind romance, that ended in 11years of abuse. That 'Too Much' girl was silenced, and I learned to be quiet, stay small, and live life within the walls that were built around me.

Until one day, it all changed.

It didn't happen overnight, but over time and with alot of inner work, I found my way back to that 'Too much' girl, and re-wrote her story.



Having dedicated my life to someone else's dreams, and raising my boys, I found myself in my early 30s with no Education, no Career and no ability to provide for myself. Shortly after the birth of my 3rd son, I came across an opportunity that propelled me in the the crazy world of Sales + Marketing.

Over the next 5 years, I gave ALL of myself to building this 'business'; evenings, weekends, even holidays were missed, in the name of 'hitting a target' and landing the next sale. I became VERY GOOD at what I did, and began teaching others. I loved my product, and I loved teaching, but I didn't love the lifestyle it came with. I found myself empty, and exhausted on the chase to top. I was missing so much of my boys childhood, in the pursuit of so called 'Success'. It was then I realized I was repeating the same pattern as I had in my previous marriage. sacrificing MYSELF, my dreams, and my goals to build someone else's.

So I looked to that 'Too much' girl and asked her, what does she want?

To make people LAUGH + feel good, to make money, to feel ALIVE + be a LEADER!

And that is how Hello Glow Colour Bar was born!



Hello Glow Colour Bar is for the "TOO MUCH" Woman.

The one who LOVES too deeply, ASKS too often and DESIRES too much. one with a too-tender heart, and too-tender emotion. Too VIBRANT, to LOUD, to PRETTY, to INTENSE, to SMART, to DIFFICULT, Too WILD. The one who takes up too much space, with her laughter, her curves, her honesty, her sexuality.

If you've ever been called "too much," or "overly emotional," or "bitchy," or "stuck up," you are likely a Too Much Woman.

Sunless tanning has given me a vessel to connect with 'too much' women both locally and all over the world. Being connected to a community of women, all wanting to raise each other up, is a dream come true.

To some they may say 'its just a spray tan', but those who've experiece the magic know its so much more.

"It's not just a Tan, It's a state of mind"

Oh, and btw, if THEY thought you were 'TOO MUCH' before....wait til they see you BRONZED!

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